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Eric "Hink" Hinkle

Road Captain

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Larry "Joker" Gant

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Maurice "SpYderman" LeBlanc

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Jen "Snapshot" Scobee

Webmaster & Photographer

Buddy "MacGyver" Johnson

I am a 26-year veteran of the US Air Force.  I retired in 2012 as a SMSgt/E8.  I’ve been a CVMA member since October, 2014.  When I left the Air Force, they said I was "relieved from active duty, organization and station of assignment," but what they could not relieve me of was the personal need to take care of the troops.  That drive was ingrained very deeply during the years I served as an NCO/Senior NCO.  To me, the greatest thing about CVMA is that it helps “scratch that itch,” the ongoing desire to reach out and help in any way I can.  For me, this is all about “Veterans helping Veterans,” whether it’s working a fundraiser, getting on our bikes and going for a ride, or simply being someone to talk with.  Most happily married to the former Teresa Toombs of Gulfport, MS, we’re both very happy to have found such a supportive and active group to ride and work with as CVMA 18-3!

18-3 Chain of Command

Larry "Joker" Gant

I served in the US Army from Dec 1967 to Nov 1969. I served in Vietnam with E Co, 52nd Inf and H Co, 75th Rangers. I left the Army as a Sgt E-5. I also served in the US Navy from Apr 1975 to Apr 1993. I was an Acoustic Sensor Operator (hunting submarines) onboard the P3-C Orion aircraft. I retired from the Navy as a Chief Petty Officer E-7. After the Navy, I worked in the tech industry for the next 15 years. My wife and I are both fully retired now. I've been riding motorcycles since 1965. I currently ride an 06 Harley Electra Glide Classic. I've been a member of CVMA 18-3 since Sep 2014

Gary "Buckshot" Woodby


Paul "Viper" Adkins

I was born & raised in Springfield Ohio and have been riding since I was 5 years old.  I signed up for delayed enlistment in the Air Force at the age of 17.  After serving 21 years as an Aircraft Maintenance & Flight Operations Scheduler and Master Instructor, I retired in 2002.  My wife Tara and I married in 2007 and in 2010 we sold our house & belongings and lived in an RV, working & traveling to various areas of the U.S.  While working at a motorcycle resort in North Carolina during CVMA Nationals at Fontana Dam, I met and talked to several brothers and sisters and attended a few gatherings, learning about the CVMA.  In 2013 we purchased our house in Tennessee and I joined the CVMA that fall.  Our chapter is a family of brothers and sisters with a desire to help Veterans before, during and after their service.

Darrell "Buddy" Wallace

Sergeant At Arms

Roy "Sky Raider" Burleson

Public Relations Officer

I was born in California & raised in Metro Phoenix, AZ.  I bought my first Harley in high school and joined the Navy in 1963 where I was trained as an Aviation Electronic Technician.  I was assigned to VA-163 and served on the USS Oriskany ("The Mighthy O") during the Viet Nam era.  After the service, I managed local & national Sales & Marketing initiatives for both for profit and non-profit organizations.  I currently own a couple of small businesses in order to stay busy, keep out of trouble and buy motorcycle "stuff".  I moved to Tennessee in 2003 and joined the CVMA in 2015.