MAURICE "spYderman" & BRENDA "Barbwire" 

Maurice (spYderman) Le Blanc was born in Amarillo, TX and raised in Venice, California. He served in the U. S. Navy from 1965-1970 (2 yrs active & 3 yrs reserve). Vietnam Veteran 1966-1967, Brown Water Navy (River Patrol Force TF-116).

He had a long career with GTE/Verizon where he met Brenda (Barbwire) Le Blanc. She was born in Saskatchewan, Canada and raised in Southern California. They met in California but soon moved to Texas with their jobs and lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for 10 years. They have been married 28 years. They both had a love for motorcycles from their early years so in addition to their day jobs they started a business selling motorcycle accessories. For many years they traveled all over the country following the GoldWing Rally circuit, setting up as vendors and selling their products which were mainly designed by Maurice. In 1999 they took early retirement and became Vendors full time.

In 2003 they moved from Texas to Hancock County Tennessee to put them closer to the rally circuit and to downsize from a large home to a much smaller one.

Since then they have retired from the rally circuit and sell their products on line or through dealers. They love to ride and have 3 Shih Tzu’s that travel everywhere with them, by auto or bike. All of their kids together have 4 legs and hair. They have 5 horses, 3 cats and 3 dogs. They joined CVMA in 2016 order to show their support for other Vets and get involved in helping those in need.

Maurice’s roadname “spYderman” depicts the type of bike he rides, a Can-Am Spyder and Brenda’s roadname “Barbwire” depicts something that should have decapitated her years ago on her favorite Harley.


KENNY "Night Dragon"

I graduated from high school in 1967, and attended college in Fort Worth, Texas majoring in “Fire Science” to become a Fire Fighter. Little did I know I was color blind and couldn’t pass the physical for the Fire Dept.

I joined the Air Force in 1968 as an Aircraft Mechanic, and spent time in Texas, Florida, and on to Udorn Royal Thai AFB Southeast Asia 1970 & 1971 crewing RF-4C’s, with the 14th Tactical Recon Sq.

Returning back to the world. I was stationed at Edwards AFB near Lancaster California. Upon my release from the Air Force in 1982 I entered the employment of the Government working on all types of aircraft located at Edwards. After 10 years in California I returned to Fort Worth, Texas working for a short time at General Dynamics on a F-111 refurbishment program for the Australian AF. After 2 years I went back to work for the Fed’s at General Dynamics as a Quality Specialist. Soon after, I was promoted into Supply Chain Management, and my last several years as a Fraud Investigator working closely with the Air Force Office of Investigation (OSI) and the Fort Worth District Attorney building cases against suppliers of Military hardware, not being made to contractual requirements.

Retiring in March of 2009, I found most of my Bike riding buddies were still working, so I decided to go back to work. I found employment with a Private Protection Contractor in the Fort Worth/ Dallas, Texas area. During my employment I received my Personal Protection Officer license and other training needed to survive in this hostile environment. I was gifted by a Customs Agent with his Drug Dog when he retired. I worked several apartment complexes with the dog, in a tough part of Dallas (or… the HOOD). The work just became too much when two drug dealers issued a contract on my life, ending that part of my work career. I moved to Tennessee where I met, and married Sweet Tea where we live in Wears Valley with our two dogs and three cats, and, as they say… the rest is History.

Co-mingled within all those years, I also performed as a Professional Magician utilizing Doves and large Illusions in my act.

Marris "Spee"

Spee is from Knoxville, TN.  He joined the Navy in July 1992 and retired as an OS1 (SW/AW) in July 2012. Spee served five years on the USS Kearsarge LHD3 (he was also a plankowner).  He also served 3 years at OCS in Pensacola FL doing a little bit of everything. After leaving Pensacola, he served 4 years as an Air Intercept Controller and Weapons Coordinator onboard the USS Halyburton FFG40.

Spee came to Tennessee as a recruiter for four years and then went to Iraq with the Army for a year and a half as C-RAM Supervisor and EOD support. He finished up his career as an unmanned Aircraft Pilot for MSRON4 which turned into Riverine Squadron 3.

His first true street bike was 92 Fatboy. He has lost count on how many he has had over the years. Currently, between Spee and his Dad, they have 37 Harleys, 1 BMW, 1 Yamaha and looking for more.

Spee and his beautiful wife Valerie Marie were married in July 2007. They have 3 kids Emily, Camryn, Maximus and one grandson Aden.

He currently works as painter for Cirrus Aircraft but he has been painting cars and stuff since he was 12. Spee says he “loves to do whatever he can to help people, because we all have done lots of stuff that is pretty iffy in our lives as service men and women, and I just want to try and redeem myself for those things in my own heart.” 

Spee joined CVMA 18-3 in April 2017.

Jim "Senior"

I was born in Honolulu, HI in 1963, the son of a 30 year career Naval Officer and mother who worked in the steel industry. I was raised in Germantown, TN and graduated in 1981.

After graduating high school, I briefly worked in construction pouring concrete and hanging steel joists. Once realizing it simply wasn't my niche', I joined the Navy, following in my father's footsteps in July 1982.

I met my wife and we married in 1993. She was serving as an Executive Yeoman on General “Storman Norman” Schwartzkopf's staff, and I was serving on the Dwight D. Eisenhower. We have 3 wonderful, successful children in their 30's and 5 beautiful grandkids.

I served in aircraft maintenance for 22 years and my last 4 years of service as the Command Senior Enlisted Advisor, retiring after 26 years of service. My wife is a nurse and has served in the medical industry for 30 plus years and continues to do so today.

I joined the CVMA 18-3 family in December 2017 and am so thankful to have done so.

Jason "Jaz" & Jen "Snapshot"

Jason (Jaz) is from Iowa and joined the Navy right out of high school. He was a Mess Management Specialist and served on board the ammunition supply ship, the USS Haleakala AE-25 and was stationed in Guam. During his time on board the Haleakala, he was deployed and served in Operation Desert Storm. 

Jen (Snapshot) is from Pennsylvania and joined the Navy a few years after high school. She was an Operations Specialist and also served on board the USS Haleakala, where she met Jason

Jen and Jason have been married for 25 years and have two grown sons, Tyler & Chase and the two most adorable twin grand-daughters in the world. They also have four dogs and a cat and 6 grandpups. 

Jason has been riding since the age of 14 and currently rides a 1993 HD Dyna Low Rider. Jen started riding in 2008 and her current ride is a 2003 HD Dyna Low Rider.  Their boys caught the riding bug at an early age and started riding Sportsters at the age of 14 and 16, and the family rode to Sturgis for Tyler's Graduation trip and to the Milwaukee 110th for Chase's trip. Jen & Jason moved to Tennessee in 2014 to escape the frigid and snowy winters of Iowa.

Jason's roadname is “Jaz” because that is what everyone called him on the ship. Jen's roadname is “Snapshot” because she enjoys taking photos and has become the (non-professional) Chapter Photographer. Jason joined CVMA 18-3 in October 2017 and Jen joined in December 2017.   When talking to others about CVMA 18-3, they are sure to tell them that our group filled a huge void that was left when they moved from their friends in Iowa.